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Project Description
Conduct your very own NFC Orchestra!

A Windows Phone 8 Demo app that showcases interacting with NFC tags & viral NFC marketing.

NFC Orchestra Lumia 1520.pngThis demo app is a showcase of the innovative capabilities that you can integrate into your Windows Phone app with NFC. By tapping different NFC tags, the app plays various instruments. Choose from a base beat, saxophone, a guitar or record a voice message!

How To

Get some writable NFC tags and open the "setup" page of this app. Choose the instrument to write and tap the NFC tag to store the information! For the voice instrument, record your own message and write that to an NFC tag as well.

When you're finished with the setup, head back to the main page. Tap the tags to instantly play the sounds! You can freely mix all the different instruments together to direct your own orchestra.

Unlocking the Guitar

The guitar is a bonus instrument - all you have to do to unlock it is to recommend the app to your friend! Once both of you have the app installed and running, tap the "Unlock Guitar" button on your phone and then briefly hold your phones together. The guitar will instantly unlock on both of your phones!

Developing this App

The session slides where we presented and developed the app are available on Speakerdeck.

The app was developed by:

- Andreas Jakl (Mopius, Microsoft MVP)
- Rina Ahmed (Microsoft Technical Evangelist)

Images by Chris Vorhemus.

Sound effects from freesound under Creative Commons license:

Source Code

You can find the complete source code of the app licensed under GPLv3 license if you switch to the "Source Code" tab. It is the same app that is live in the Windows Phone Store.

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